Forum Guidelines

We've adopted guidelines that have never been bettered. John Coates created them for one of the first social networks - still going strong and now owned by a collective of its active participants - The Well.


San Francisco

San Francisco
Home of The Well

  • The currency is human attention. Work with it. Discourage abuse of it.
  • You are in the relationship business.
  • Welcome newcomers. Help them find their place.
  • Show by example.
  • Strive to influence and persuade.
  • Have a big fuse. Never let the bottom drop out.
  • Use a light touch. Don't be authoritarian.
  • Affirm people. Encourage them to open up.
  • Expect ferment. Allow some tumbling.
  • Leave room in the rules for judgment calls.
  • Fight for tolerance.
  • Encourage personal and professional overlap.
  • Don't give in to tyranny by individual or group.
  • Encourage face-to-face encounters.
  • Help it be "women-friendly".
  • It isn't just you: let the people help shape it.
  • Be part of the community.

From their website...

"Conferences are the heart of The WELL. A vibrant community emerges in these forums. Each gathering place has a distinct flavor. A few are open for the world to read. Most are open to all members. Some limit access to a private group, and invite you to request membership if you are interested. Others are not listed here by request of their founders. Participants check in frequently at one, five or dozens of conferences, to offer expertise, dissect one another's best ideas and indulge in gossip, mutual aid and general banter."

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