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Annexium is a contract drafters' network with many benefits. Membership enables members to:

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Still unsure about the benefits of membership?
Read below "6 reasons to join Annexium"


Sydney Harbour

Six reasons to join Annexium

Annexium brings training and materials for you to draft valuable and secure contracts. It is a worldwide online contract drafters network – a community of lawyers and people in business profiting from practical online courses, templates and know-how.

1. Practical courses for improved performance

Annexium’s courses provide actionable, project-based tuition on contractual relationships, documents, workflows and business models. Step-by-step courses supported by visualisations (graphics), a glossary and practical "how to" articles demonstrate rigorously tested legal process methodologies. The instructional design, scope and high standards of this courseware will reduce your drafting time, make your documentation more secure and effective, and also improve performance in contractual relationships. Members have the security of downloading their purchased courseware files as well as having ongoing access to updated versions.

2. Unique case studies on negotiations and contracting

Each course incorporates a video case study involving participants who are experienced in their industry. The videos are engagingly presented with characters, stories and instructional text and graphics. Workshop-like performances increase your knowledge retention and provide practical guidance on niche legal transactions demonstrating how and what to negotiate in different contexts.

3. Easily adapted quality legal templates

Each course provides a package of downloadable files from Annexium’s extensive templates library. Template agreements are ready-to-use with finessed formats and layouts; and where appropriate, standardised clause positioning and wording. To support decision making, streamline drafting and save time, they are supported by template questionnaires, checklists, workflows, forms and spreadsheets. More than just plain language, Annexium's templates are constantly improved to keep them relevant, useful and easy-to-use.

4. Expert know-how for contract drafters

Annexium excels in providing members with ongoing practical drafting skills, hints and insights. Lawyers and subject matter experts in a range of industries and vertical markets lead the courses and webinars and draft the templates, ebooks, and articles. Supporting them and your learning outcomes is Annexium’s production crew and publishing team who collectively have over 200 years of experience.

5. Social network and Q&A for contract drafters worldwide

Stuck on drafting? Take it to the forum. Annexium is a platform whose members grow the social life of legal documents. The forum and Annexium’s community facilitates Q&As 24/7 and social networking about documents and topics of common interest to contract drafters. Annexium is focused on contracting in common law countries (eg Australia, Singapore, India, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia) as well as jurisdictions using common law contracts. 

6. Peer collaboration and learning

The pace of change calls for iterative learning and collaborative arrangements. Members keep up-to-date with self-selected forum threads, extensive “how to” articles, and a blog featuring articles and video interviews. Annexium's members value networking, sharing experiences in peer groups, applying tested and new knowledge, and following and connecting with expert authors and drafters working and learning in collaboration.


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