Software Guide - Word for Contract Drafters

Software Guide - Word for Contract Drafters

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Everyone benefits from improved word processing skills. Substantial productivity gains arise from better written and professionally presented communication, faster document production and fewer layout errors and inconsistencies. This webinar demonstrates many practical word processing skills, shortcuts and menu functions to make drafting in Microsoft Word easier, faster and better.

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Author: Noric Dilanchian
Date revised: 30 July 2013
Format: Webinar
File type: Video
Pages: 22
Field: software
Tags: drafting skills
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Drafting speed increases with knowledge of how to manage styles, use keyboard shortcuts, find and replace text, create good looking tables and split pages to check text. This webinar demonstrates these and additional topics, while drafting a contract based on a template using both Word for Windows and Word for Mac.

Live participation is scheduled for 1 October 2013 - 11am EST (Sydney). The webinar will also be recorded for later retrieval.

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This webinar demonstrates word processing skills required by a proficient contract drafter. In the exercise both Microsoft Word for Windows and Microsoft Word for Mac are used.

Word skills taught in this webinar:

  1. what drafters should target to achieve,
  2. legal paragraph numbering,
  3. many options for using Word styles,
  4. keyboard shortcuts every drafter should need,
  5. how to create good looking tables,
  6. how to split pages to check text,
  7. how to lock files and compare them,
  8. inserting Word files into each other,
  9. document pagination,
  10. track changes,
  11. using .dot Word files as templates,
  12. coding cells in tables for forms and questionnaires,
  13. creating 2 or 3 column contracts, and
  14. making metadata useful, not dangerous.

Downloadable files for this webinar include:

  • file naming typology - options for useful file titles;
  • keyboard shortcuts ready reference - a two pager listing shortcuts; and
  • notes on options for word processing on tablets and mobile devices.

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