Confidential Information TemplateDocs

This group of legal template documents all relate to confidential information. Various courses and intensives refer to these templates.

Before making your selection, click on the title to go to the individual product page and browse the tabs describing the differences of template features. For example, the first three have letter agreement layouts, the last four have traditional agreement (ie "tombstone") layouts. The first five are for general use, the last two are for very specific situations.

Short letter layout

Annexium ProductConfidentiality Letter Agreement & Undertaking (Provider)

A very easy to use, clear and succinct template confidentiality agreement in letter layout. It protects the confidential information of a provider supplying it to a recipient. Suitable for a long term legal relationship or as a first legal step for potential future documentation.

Annexium ProductConfidentiality Letter Agreement & Undertaking (Recipient)

A very easy to use template agreement where a recipient of confidential information (eg a prospective consultant) wishes to document that it is bound to maintain confidentiality. Use it to quickly generate an agreement when the confidential information provider does not have a suitable in-house template.

Annexium ProductConfidentiality Letter Agreement & Undertaking (Mutual)

This template has a short form letter agreement layout and suits situations where parties are involved in the mutual exchange of confidential information. This is what makes it “mutual”. It's a very easy to use, clear and succinct.

Detailed traditional layout

Annexium ProductConfidentiality Agreement

A long form template agreement in a traditional layout designed for easy customisation. Use it when the provider of confidential information needs to impose very extensive obligations on the recipient.

Annexium ProductMutual Confidentiality Agreement

This detailed though easy to use template has a traditional agreement layout and imposes mutual confidentiality obligations on both parties. Use it when each provider of confidential information needs to impose a wide range of obligations.

Detailed traditional layout and for specific situations

Annexium ProductMutual Confidentiality (Business Acquisition) Agreement

A specific situation template, imposing mutual confidentiality obligations on a buyer and a seller to maintain confidentiality of business information in a potential business sale and purchase transaction. It is particularly useful for the due diligence period of such a transaction and allows for obligations on specific individuals.

Annexium ProductConfidentiality (Materials Transfer) Agreement

A specific situation, highly detailed, template for protecting secret and very valuable material (eg scientific formulations and new materials in industry) and research data to be supplied for testing, analysis, evaluation or potential sale or licensing. Regulates their transport, handling and dealings with them.