Deal Making - Legal Process Improvement Principals

Deal Making - Legal Process Improvement Principals

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This ebook draws on the author's 30 years of experience as a specialist in contract negotiations and drafting. It distills the author's insights from reviewing, preparing or advising on over 5,000 contracts. The focus is on minimising risk and maximising returns from deal making activity that precedes contract drafting.

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Author: Noric Dilanchian
Published: Nov 2012, v01
Format: A5 ebook
File type: PDF
Pages: 43
Language: English
Publisher: annexium
ISBN: 978-1-922195-00-5
Field: Deal Making, Contracting, Business Process
Tags: confidential information, non-disclosure agreement, NDA, materials transfer
Product ID: ebk001

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This is a deal maker's how to guide for pre-contract negotiations. It teaches seven principles for deal making to gain enormous practical benefits.

The objective of this ebook is to demonstrate how lawyers and non-lawyers can get greater value from deal making, long before any contract drafter commences drafting, and often vastly more than what ever be gained by haggling over contract wording.

The ebook contains 40 pages of tested, practical instructions, 7 tables and 5 visualisations. It ends with 3 invaluable templates which can shape a wide variety of negotiations - Heads of Agreement - Clause Checklist, Memorandum of Understanding, and Contract Performance Evaluation Form.


Deal Making - Legal Process Improvement Principals

The ebook's instructions, tables, visualisations and templates demonstrate how to apply the following seven tested principles:

  • Follow commonsense
  • Make and keep records
  • Work with experienced people
  • Negotiate the deal
  • Select the right process
  • Agree and document the deal
  • Set service levels

From these principles you will learn that before entering a legally binding agreement it is best to:

  • procedure - follow an easily understood procedure;
  • checklist - test contract wording and missing deal points;
  • project management - assess the capabilities of the parties;
  • standards - impose performance measures or quality standards;
  • strategy - plan fall-back positions if the deal or relationship breaks down.


  • 40 pages of instructional text
  • 3 legal templates
  • 5 visualisations
  • 7 tables
  • References

Templates included:

  • Heads of Agreement - Clause Checklist
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Contract Performance Evaluation Form

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Managing Partner of Dilanchian Lawyers and Consultants, Noric founded Annexium. Like our other authors, he has a breadth of experience in continuing professional education, having presented from the early 1990s in Australia, United States, Malaysia, Singapore and Europe.

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